Quotations: Wilford Services can attend site visits, quote off builders plans or tender from engineers specs.

For more idea’s of possible services please look at supported brands and past projects.

Any questions feel free to ask.


  • Power and lighting, service and repair. Wilford Services can help you with those pesky intermittent lights or changing older fittings for new.
  • Electric heating and cooling supply and install of:
    • Far infra-red heating a much newer to the market technology.
    • Ceiling fans.
    • Ducted ventilation solutions.
    • Outside heaters.
    • Heat transfer.
    • Bathroom heating.
  • New Builds and Renovations, Electrical and Data solutions. Every project is unique. Wilford Services can assist in the decision process or work with existing plans to provide your preferred services.
  • Fuse board/switchboard replacement or upgrade. An insurance policy worth having.
  • Home rewiring. Sometimes the cable in parts of a home is no longer safe. Wilford Services can rewire parts or all of a home to improve the safety.
  • Supply and Install of a range of Data, Home Automation, and Security products Wilford Services is experienced with

Heat Pumps and Electric Heating

  • Supply and install of Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin single room and multi-room systems to suit client preferences.
  • It is common for people to prefer a combination of a heat pump in the living area and electric heaters in the bedrooms. Wilford Services is happy to provide both combined quotation and split quotation options with this combination of services.
  • Service and repair.

Central Heating / Cooling and Ventilation

  • Ducted heat pump / air-conditioning solutions for complete or part of a home’s heating and cooling with the benefits of discrete vents and wall control. Possibly you would want WiFi control and more precise zone control. Wilford Services can provide.

  • Multi-zone heat pumps / air-conditioning systems solutions with the more common high-wall or any combination of ducted and more visible inside systems to meet your needs on a viable budget.

  • Central ventilation system solutions with any combination of features to best meet the needs of your home.

  • Decentralized Ventilation solutions where the benefits of central ventilation either are only needed in specific rooms such as your kid’s room or cannot be achieved in your home with central ventilation systems. 


  • Range hood, standard and custom system supply and install.
  • Extract systems for cooking, wet, and work areas.