Here are some project examples

Bijou Cinema

I helped a classical cinema enthusiast with his vision of creating a 16 seat home cinema. My role was mainly with electrical and lighting, but also included some ventilation and general gadgetry.

YouTube video link for lighting: 

Mahurangi College Hall. Electrical for Air Conditioning

Contracting to Heat Pump Guys, I provided a new electrical switchboard with all power and controls for 4x new Daikin ducted systems to heat and cool the school hall. I also provided assistance with the mechanical installations of the units

Mains switchboard.
Ducting in hall ceiling.
External air conditioning units.

A Birkenhead shop switchboard and meter board upgrade

The owner had a 1920's shop in need of an electrical upgrade with the shop only able to be without power but still open for one day.
In conjunction with the lines provider, and an inspector. I upgraded the meter board, switchboard, main earthing system and provided most of the power in one day with small follow-ups the next day.

Old switchboard.
New switchboard.


Verran Primary School Koreru Block

The new combined four classrooms open learning Koreru Block at Verran Primary School was having cooling issues in our hot humid summer conditions.
Wilford Electrical supplied and installed four Daikin Sky Air, Air Conditioning systems operated by one central controller. With outside units at 108kg each, these units are very powerful!
All units have new circuits from the building switchboard and do not compromise any other electrical within the building.

air con units waiting instal.
Steve working on the interior installation.
air con unit installed outside.
air con unit installed outside.
Main switchboard.

Ponsonby Villa

A Ponsonby villa rewire and a major expansion on the back of the home. Later on, garden lighting and a water fountain were added.

hall light.
bathroom light.
outside light.
garden light.
new meterboard.

The Block - Season One Winner

While employed I was sent to sort out how to uninstall then reinstall the Block's Winning Homes Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning and ventilation systems.

This proved to be an innovative generator pump-down and then careful reinstall in the cut-in-two and transported house's new Mangawhai Heads home.

Please see below link for the original install:

Various residential and commercial heat pumps

Heat pumps installed in lounge.
External heat pump units at residence.
At work installing large ceiling units.
Heat pump installed in bedroom.
External ducting.
Commercial roof installation air con unit.
Multiple air con units on roof of commercial building.
Multiple air con units on roof of residence.
Installing air ducting in ceiling.

Various residential and commercial lighting

Ceiling lighting.
Dining lighting.
Shop lighting.
Beachhaven Scout Den outside lighting.
Outside lighting.