Steve Wilford portraitWilford Services is primarily Steve Wilford.

Registered Electrician

Certified Air Conditioning Technician

Fantech trade certified

Far infra-red heater certified

Electrical Training Company Ltd. Tutor for electrical apprentices

Steve formed the business in 2010, contracting to several air conditioning companies and providing electrical, air conditioning, and related services for homeowners, builders, shop developers and building managers.

For 16 months too late 2017, Steve was employed by a mechanical services company as a sales engineer; leading hand; service electrician and air-conditioning technician. 

Steve’s full-time career in the Electrical Industry started in 2002 after developing an interest from low voltage works in the theatre industry.

Since then Steve’s career has included: Interior fit-out work for bars and offices. Residential new builds complete electrical, security, and data installations. Commercial and Residential Heatpumps and Ventilation solutions. Central heating and cooling solutions. Home theatre and garden lighting consultation and installation. Highrise commercial emergency smoke control electrical and mechanical installation and service work.

Steve has quoted for, supplied and installed well over a thousand heat pump/air-conditioning systems, ventilation systems, and electric heating systems in homes and workplaces.

Wilford Services is focused on providing quality and safe services that provide what people want.